Everyone Ghent University

Everyone Ghent University

Ghent University will be celebrating its 200th anniversary on Sunday, 8 October 2017, together with everyone who wants to be there. Everybody will become Ghent University during a free, vibrant city festival bursting with experiences and discoveries for young and old.

A day bursting with discoveries…

The day starts with a live broadcast by Radio 1 from the Boekentoren and the launch of the book Uit de ivoren toren. 200 jaar Universiteit Gent (both in Dutch). In the afternoon, a Ghent University axis will be drawn through the city, between Het Pand and the Botanical Gardens. You will be treated to an exciting mix as you follow the path: kids’ workshops, interactive demonstrations, experiments, science demonstrations, short readings, tours, a book market, and much more. Naturally, you can also visit parts of Ghent University heritage: the Aula, the Blandijn, the Emile Braunschool, the Volkssterrenwacht, etc.

… and parties!

Along the path, you’ll also come across artistic students, staff, and alumni from Ghent University who will be making music and performing, and you'll get a unique introduction to the highlights from Ghent University’s history. You can head over to several locations for drinks and appetizers, including De Brug, Het Pand, and places run by Ghent University student entrepreneurs.

The day will end with a unique anniversary performance, with among others Pascale Platel, Jan Matthys and some well-known Ghent artists, and the Foundation Gala.

Something for everyone

There is something for young and old to experience in our programme of lectures and debates, and experiments and science demonstrations, also for non-Dutch speakers! Keep in mind that the program is still in progress!

Kids can get their first taste of university life in the kids’ workshops, exploring the experiments and discovery markets together with mum and dad, or enjoying the many activities along the path. For the English part of the website, we only selected one to one interactions, so you can easily enjoy these in English.    

Just for our alumni, we bring back several professors to the front of the auditorium so that your ‘old’ prof can give you one last class (in Dutch). Various other activities focus on the vibrant past of our alma mater.

Those who really love to learn can head over to our classes for beginners (in Dutch) in the Ufo, where ten professors will give you a low-threshold introduction to ten different subjects. In addition to this, there are various other lectures and classes at most locations (in Dutch).

Head over to the Palace of Science ‘de Ledeganck’ for an artistic experience, where, under the name Science as Art, you can admire stunning images, videos, and even 3D models and VR simulations of scientific research. Or to the Faculty of Arts and philosophy Library, where – what else – books and stories serve as the leitmotiv.

If you like some extra show and flair with your science, then you can go to the Ghent University Talks (in Dutch) in the Vooruit, based on the famous TED Talks, or to the Science Slam in the Film Plateau (in English!), where young researchers reveal the essence of their research in three exciting minutes. Or you could just catch one of our chemistry shows.

Are you in doubt about what to pick from this wide range, or you don’t have time to consume less? There’s even something for you! Several faculties at Tweekerken Campus have joined forces under the name "the smart(ass) consumer".

How to choose?
Make use of our handy search filter to explore the program. You can filter on target audience, type of activity and theme, or you can check out out what your (former) faculty has set up for the occasion. You can also use location and time to narrow down the activities shown to you.

Did you find an activity that you like? You can find similar ones by clicking on its keywords.You can also search by keyword using the search box just above the filter, or by your own words using the search box at the top right of the page.

You can compose your own programme in September when all activities are available? Simply use the button ‘add to my programme’ that you can find at every activity’s page. This way you will put the activity into your basket, ‘My programme’, that you can find at the top right of the website. You can download, print or email your programme. You will be able to check and adapt your programme as long as you use the same device.