What will urbanisation look like in the future?

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What will urbanisation look like in the future?

Science consultants

The government wants us to downsize and live closer to one another. We’re looking at a density of 35 homes per hectare to be precise. That is three times more than the current norm of 12 homes per hectare. But what does this different way of life imply? More space for nature, less traffic congestion and lower costs for the infrastructure required to connect the currently fragmented residential areas. But there’s more… What will mobility look like in the cities of the future? 

During the event ‘Iedereen UGent!’, our science consultants will give free scientifically founded advice on a wide range of everyday topics. Take a seat and ask away! Don’t you have any specific questions? No problem! Our consultants would love to tell you more about their research anyway.

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