Visit the new Humanities and Philosophy faculty library

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Visit the new Humanities and Philosophy faculty library

Guided tour

Inside the “Instituut der Wetenschappen” building, often better known as ‘De Plateau’ or ‘De Rozier’, a new library is being created that brings together the dozens of small departmental and research libraries of the Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy. Two sections of the library opened their doors in 2012 and 2014. The third and final phase will be completed during 2017, making approx. 8,000 m² of library space with over 12 kilometres of open stacks available to users.

In addition to fitting out and renovating the existing building, the work at the third phase also includes the covering of a courtyard; here library visitors will be received by the new loan counter and a reading room before they go on to browse the collection. At the same time, the entrance hall to Rozier 44 and the lobby behind the central courtyard are being restored so that the historical floor finish and ornamental paintwork will once again be visible, and the Institute will regain some of its former grandeur.

Protecting shoes are obliged to join this tour. Helmets will be distributed. The tour is open to people over 16 years of age.

Registration required for this activity (will be possible as of September).

For whom

youngsters, adults


Rozier 44 - Entrance Hall


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