The impact of separations on families and children

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The impact of separations on families and children

Science consultants

A good separation - is that even possible? How does separation affect children? And how do you live as part of a newly composed family? A separation goes hand in hand with 1,001 questions for parents, children, and family alike. And each question comes with its own personal background story. As a result, there’s no standard answer. But that doesn’t mean we won’t answer your questions. On the contrary, we rely on scientific research data from large-scale, high-quality studies on separations and newly composed families. A few examples: - Figures on how parents and children cope with separation. - What helps us deal with a break-up and what is difficult? - What is life like in a newly composed family? 

During the event ‘Iedereen UGent!’, our science consultants will give free scientifically founded advice on a wide range of everyday topics. Take a seat and ask away! Don’t you have any specific questions? No problem! Our consultants would love to tell you more about their research anyway. 

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