Sports as a hobby? Yes, but without injuries please!

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Sports as a hobby? Yes, but without injuries please!

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Sports without injuries? Aging actively and healthily? It sounds like a dream come true, right? And it may soon be a reality, because the Department of Physical Therapy and Motor Rehabilitation is using technology and gaming as screening instruments and rehabilitation tools. Simple tests can identify a healthy sportsperson’s risk of future injury or give an indication of an ageing person’s fitness levels. Subsequently, they can be offered a dedicated exercise programme to reduce their risk of injuries or to slow down their physical ageing. This benefits not only sportspeople and the elderly, but also children. Homo Ludens offers children an opportunity to let loose during the mirror therapy game, with a fitness game for obese children and a gaming exercise mat. Playtime… fun guaranteed! Come and discover all of this and more during the live demos for all ages, regardless of whether you’re sporty or not.

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children, youngsters, adults


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