Science as art

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We will take you on an exciting exploration of artistic pictures, paintings, 3D-models, film projections, and even the wonderful world of virtual reality.

What would Ghent city centre look like if you could race through it at the speed of light? How do we create artistic structures or paintings based on mathematical formulas? Are those vegetables on your plate...or rather, preferably under an (electron) microscope first? Have you always wanted to watch a short nature documentary in a real planetarium? Come and take a look at the future Ghent University Museum, where the university's scientific heritage radiates in all its beauty. Ghent University wants this museum, which will open in 2019, to showcase the science of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The central theme is that the visual material not only looks beautiful, but each exhibit has a scientific story behind it. In addition, everything was created by our own Ghent University scientists. A unique opportunity to easily get acquainted with the (artistic) world of science. Everyone is welcome, young and old. There is a kids quest along the route so the youngest visitors can also have fun discovering.

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious... the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science

- Albert Einstein

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children, youngsters, adults


Campus Ledeganck