Hit the road… in an electric car!

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Hit the road… in an electric car!

Science consultants

You can’t hear them, but you can see them… Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular on the road. Are you considering buying one yourself? Or maybe you’d prefer a hybrid? Then you definitely want to know how many kilometres you can drive with a fully charged battery, right? And how much one of those batteries costs, and how long it lasts? At Ghent University we’re really into electric cars too! We have the low-consumption ‘Energy 5’ car, that can cover a distance of over 2,000 with the electric equivalent of 1 litre of diesel. And the electric variable transmission that could be used in the hybrid electric cars of the future. During the event ‘Iedereen UGent!’, our science consultants will give free scientifically founded advice on a wide range of everyday topics. Take a seat and ask away! Don’t you have any specific questions? No problem! Our consultants would love to tell you more about their research anyway.

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