Guided tour of the thermodynamics lab

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Guided tour of the thermodynamics lab

Guided tour

Thermal energy is present everywhere: from a cup of coffee to the provision of electricity on a global scale. The problem is that non-sustainable fossil fuels are often used as the energy source for these thermal applications. Researchers in the thermodynamics laboratory are trying to develop thermal systems that use alternative energy sources. They also try to increase the energy efficiency of these systems. During the tour, you can view different test settings such as heat pumps and solar boilers - sustainable alternatives for heating your home. You'll also see experiments using the organic “Rankine Cycle”, a technique to extract energy from lost residual heat. The showpiece of the lab is the electronic cooling system, which increases the energy efficiency of electrical components.

Registration required for this activity (will be possible as of September).

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children, youngsters, adults




14u-14u30, 15u-15u30