Ghent University patrimonium: Emile Braun School

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Ghent University patrimonium: Emile Braun School

Guided tour

Some of the faculties from the Faculty of Law were housed in the beautifully renovated Emile Braun School in the Voldersstraat in Ghent from 2010. The first Ghent University lessons were taught in this former Jesuit college after the establishment of the university in 1817.

The Emile Braun School was built in 1660 and was later named after one of Ghent's most popular mayors. The restoration of the building was commissioned by Ghent University and carried out by the architectural firm, Van Acker & Partners. Thanks to two contemporary additions, this complex of buildings forms one whole now with the adjoining Faculty of Law buildings in the Universiteitstraat.

Allow yourself to wander through the courtyards, the monastery stairs and corridors, a 17th-century stucco ceiling and many works of art.

The route is not suitable for people with mobility difficulties due to the amount of steps that must be used. There are no lifts available in the areas that are open to the public.

                                                                                                             You can visit the Braun School the whole afternoon on an individual basis.

For whom

children, youngsters, adults


Emile Braun School - inner courtyard


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