Food for thought: pet food

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What are the dangers of feeding my dog or cat raw food? Are there any scientifically proven benefits for alternative foods? Can carbohydrates cause diabetes in cats? How often do you see a gluten allergy in dogs? How can I look at my dog or cat and see that the food I am giving is of good quality? How many extras can I give my dog or cat? What are the dangers of giving human food to my dog or cat? Can my dog eat the leftovers from dinner? How can I prevent my dog or cat from getting too fat? Which factors play an important role in the development of obesity? Should I adjust the diet for my sterilised cat? Do cats find food puzzles interesting? That's a lot of questions, but Professor Myriam Hesta will also provide many answers! 

During the event ‘Iedereen UGent!’, our science consultants will give free scientifically founded advice on a wide range of everyday topics. Take a seat and ask away! Don’t you have any specific questions? No problem! Our consultants would love to tell you more about their research anyway. 

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children, youngsters, adults


Aula - Peristilium