De Krook: Users help shape technology and media!

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De Krook: Users help shape technology and media!

Discovery market

A lab set up like a living room? No white coats or test tubes at De Krook, but rather a Media Experience Lab with a traditional sofa and television, gaming consoles, virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses. In his lab, communication scientists test our relationship with new media and technology. Which influence do they have on our behaviour? How do we interpret what we see on the screen? And how do we deal with all these new technologies in the living room? 

You will discover a co-creation lab, where daylight in simulated and we join forces with you to brainstorm on the meaning of innovations. Help us shape the future! You are free to write on the magnetic walls and work at the adjustable tables while brainstorming about the most innovative and diverse topics, from care robots to the house of the future. 

The audio-visual centre, which includes the Media Training Centre, offers everything you need to record and edit video and sound: cameras, microphones, green screens and editing software.

For whom

children, youngsters, adults


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