De Krook: At a crossroads between technology and culture

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De Krook: At a crossroads between technology and culture

Discovery market

Can we improve the world through technology and culture? Head to De Krook and find out for yourself at the experience market, where enthusiastic scientists will illustrate the impact of their research on society! All stalls are interactive and encourage you to think. How can technology make us healthier? Can we teach people new skills in virtual reality? What is big data and how can we use it to predict our behaviour? Many demos give you a unique glimpse behind the scenes at De Krook, where engineers, education experts, communication scientists and musicologists meet day in, day out to develop solutions for the complex challenges of the future. You can try out the latest technologies and discover everything you need to know about pioneering research in the fields of robotics, virtual reality, eHealth, and big data. Needless to say, you can also sip a drink and have a friendly chat at Krookcafé.

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children, youngsters, adults


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