City and university. Since 1817

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“City and university. Since 1817” is a STAM exhibition about the university, the city and especially about how they live alongside one another - yesterday, today and tomorrow. The exhibition runs from 6 October 2017 to 27 March 2018.

The university has been looking for its place in the city since 9 October 1817 - it has built up on the edge of the city and become a permanent source of value for the street scene. Students are living in student's flats here, rushing from one building to the next, then making the most out of the nightlife. The city serves as a grateful laboratory where professors perform experiments. A fourth tower has been erected on the skyline, the Boekentoren [Book Tower]. Ghent would not be Ghent without it.

The exhibition looks back at the interaction between the city and university over the last two hundred years and explores opportunities for the future. Why does Ghent have a university? How does student life differ from the past? What opportunities are offered by Ghent University's rich and diverse heritage? The protests, demonstrations and the battle for the “dutchification” are also discussed.

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children, youngsters, adults


STAM - Ghent City Museum